Winter Storm Saturn Snow Totals By State, Up to 3 Feet in Some Places


Winter Storm Saturn has dumped up to three feet of snow in some areas as it crosses the U.S., despite a weak showing in Washington D.C. (culminating in a canceled severe weather warning on Thursday morning).

Here's the highest snowfall totals per state, courtesy of the Weather Channel:

Montana: 36 inches near Bear Paw Ski in north-central Montana, though it was described as “low density.”

Wyoming: 2 inches near New Haven and Rockypoint.

Colorado: 14 inches in Western Colorado.

North Dakota: 18 inches at the Canadian border entry station. (Drifts of three to five feet at Grand Forks County!)

South Dakota: 5 inches in the Black Hills.

Minnesota: 13.2 inches at Bigfork in the north.

Iowa: 8.6 inches at New Hampton.

Wisconsin: 10 inches near Frenchville.

Illinois: 11.1 inches in Streator.

Michigan: 10.8 inches in Saint Joseph.

Indiana: 12 inches at Portage.

Ohio: 10 inches in Quincy and Bellefontaine.

Kentucky: 4.5 inches in Florence, south of Cincinnati.

Pennsylvania: 12 inches northeast or east of Pittsburgh.

Maryland: 14 inches at Swanson in western Maryland.

District of Columbia: 1 inch in the extreme south. (Everywhere else it melted.)

Virginia: 20.3 inches at Fishersville.

West Virginia: In the east close to the border with Virginia, 24 inches in Franklin.

North Carolina: 8 inches in western N.C. near Maggie Valley.

Tennessee: 6 inches at Townshend.

Georgia: 4 inches on Brasstown Bald in the mountains at an elevation of 2500 feet.

Alabama: Severe thunderstorms damaged Columbiana Middle School; 70-80 mph winds reported.