10 Badass Women I'd Launch a Twitter Campaign to Meet


This week, through the power of Twitter, Milwaukee Bucks center Ekpe Udoh finagled a hangout session with one of his longtime heroes: Betty White.

Naturally, this inspired me. If Udoh could do it, what's holding me back from giving it a shot?

The result is the list you see before you. These are the 10 women I'd launch a massive global Twitter campaign to meet:

(WARNING: This list contains some of the baddest badasses you've ever had the pleasure of learning about. Consider yourself warned.)

1. Chhurim Sherpa:

Photo Credit: The Australian

Last year she climbed Mount Everest. Twice. In one week.

2. Assata Shakur:

Photo Credit: Black America Web

Activist and political prisoner who escaped from prison in New Jersey, then kicked it in Cuba for a minute and wrote her autobiography. Like a BAW$E.

3. Elaine Benes:

Photo Credit: Daily Seinfeld

So what if she's a fictional character? Funny is funny. Plus she's a great dancer.

4. Juliane Koepcke:

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

When her plane crashed in the Peruvian jungle, killing all 92 people on board but her, Koepcke fell 2 miles out of the sky and survived. After 10 days in the jungle, she met some local lumbermen and went home. Business as usual.

5. Griselda Blanco:

Photo Credit: Costa Rica Star

Also known as "La Madrina," or "the Godmother," Blanco was one of the most ruthless drug lords in recorded history. Her brutal cocaine empire ruled Miami during the early 1980s. Not someone you'd want to f*ck with.

6. O-Ren Ishii:

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Also not a real person, but this scene from KILL BILL makes her one of the baddest motherf*ckers in movie history.

7. Angela Davis:

Photo Credit: History

Brilliant feminist thinker and civil rights leader, spent time in the joint and wrote extensive critiques of the prison industrial complex. Now teaches at UC Santa Cruz, dropping knowledge on the regular.

8. Agustina de Aragón:

Photo Credit: GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Known as the "Spanish Joan of Arc," famous for running the wrong way during a Spanish retreat against the French, then, upon realizing sh*t just got real, grabbing a canon and annihilating an entire wave of French attackers on her own. All in a day's work.

9. Ellen Ripley:

Photo Credit: Fanpop

Last fake person on the list, I swear. But Ripley's too badass not to include here. All she does is kill aliens, save kids and kittens, and talk sh*t about how dumb everyone is for not listening to her. And she's always right.

10. Cheryl Miller:

Photo Credit: ESPN

Ever heard of Michael Jordan? He's basically the male version of this lady. Dropped 100 points in a high school game, dominated at the University of Southern California, and did it with a swag level yet to be seen again. Plus, she taught little brother Reggie all he knows about talking trash (which is a lot). All hail Cheryl.