7 Evil Dictators With Great Haircuts


There are plenty of bad leaders out there. Some are dumb, many are incompetent, and most are mind-blowingly greedy.

But some are just mean, mean people. They kill their own constituents, then celebrate by stealing money from those same constituents to fund their lavish lifestyles. They lie, they cheat, they commit genocide. The world would likely be a better place without them.

But a good haircut is a good haircut. Say what you will about their human rights records, these seven men are doing interesting things in the hair department.

Here are the world's seven worst leaders with the seven best hairstyles: 

1. Kim Jong-Un:

Country: North Korea

Hairstyle: Uptown fade?

2. Isaias Afewerki:

Country: Eritrea

Hairstyle: I'm getting a 'Fred Williamson' vibe here.

3. Hirohito:

Country: Japan

Hairstyle: Luscious salt-and-pepper, with immaculate left-side part.

4. Saparmurat Niyazov:

Country: Turkmenistan

Hairstyle: Thick, black, and a little to the left.

5. Teodoro Obiang Nguema:

Country: Equatorial Guinea

Hairstyle: Seamless front-to-back gradient.

6. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Country: Iran

Hairstyle: Full, dark, and youthful, and the grey beard is a nice touch.

7. Muammar al-Gadaffi:

Country: Libya

Hairstyle: 'Purple Rain.'

Photo Credit: Yahoo!In2 East AfricaHistoryRadio Free Europe/Radio LibertyStar AfricaThe Telegraph, Sky Dancing Blog