Gridiron Club Dinner 2013: Obama to Crack Jokes At Elite Event


On Saturday President Obama is scheduled to attend a dinner at the elite Gridiron Club in Washington, D.C.

The Gridiron Club and Foundation, founded in 1885, is one of the oldest and most prestigious journalistic organizations in Washington, DC. The spring dinner of the 128-year-old foundation gives name brand politicians an excuse to suspend hostilities and laugh it up for the night. This year the event takes place at the Washington Renaissance Hotel.

Last year Rick Perry stole the show, often taking shots at himself. Yeah, he did once say that the revolutionary war happened in the 16th century. As he stood in front of the prestigious crowd, he joked, “They call the 1500s the 16th century, the 1600s the 17th century ... See, there’s a flaw in the system!

“All of this could have been avoided if they started counting the first year at 100,” he added. Though “that would have made Jesus a hundred when he was born.”

Although President Obama did not attend the 2009, 2010, or 2011 Gridiron dinner, he is no stranger of cracking jokes at the event.

When he attended the event in 2006 he took shots at almost everyone there, including Dick Cheney:

“The truth is, I'm terrified to be here. Not because you're such a tough audience, but because they're serving drinks, I'm standing about 30 yards from the Vice President….I know you came here expecting to be a target, which, it turns out, may prove easier for you than shooting at one. But I do want to thank you: for years, we Democrats have succeeded in doing little more than shooting ourselves in the foot. You've taught us a valuable lesson: aim higher.”

With Obama’s approval rating barely hovering around 50% after his dismal performance handling the sequester, perhaps he’ll use this opportunity to comically highlight Washington’s recent budget struggles.

And no, Republicans, this is not just another example of President Obama “campaigning for the cause,” because if it were, no Republicans would be in the crowd.