Justin Timberlake 'SNL': 4 Best Skits Of the Night


Justin Timberlake's return to music has been a little overblown (in my opinion). But his return to Saturday Night Live?

Last night's show was about as good as today's SNL gets.

Not only was it the return of Justin Timberlake, but SNL brought back a slew of SNL veterans, including Dan Aykroyd, Candice Bergen, Alec Baldwin, Steve Marin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Paul Simon, Tom Hanks, and others. The show relied on a lot of old—real old—tricks like the Three Amigos and two “Wild and Crazy Guys,” but the writers were on point this week.

Here are four skits to enjoy from Justin Timberlake’s SNL.

1. Opening Monologue,  The Five-Timers Club

It was the fifth time that Timberlake has hosted, and the show made note of it. This skit relied on some old standards, but riffed on them as well. If there actually were a "Five-Timers Club", it would be the greatest club in New York. 

Dan Aykroyd only being a bartender was a nice touch.

Will Steve Martin ever age?  

2. It’s A Date


SNL usually pulls off the game show parody well (Jeopardy!), and they pull out all the stops here. As I mentioned earlier, this SNL relied on old tricks this week, but by bringing back the “Dick in a Box” and the “Wild and Crazy Guys,” they didn't disappoint.

4. Moet and Chandon


I thought that this skit was going to fall flat. The mispronunciations of words seemed like it was going to be annoying, and it was at first, but they wore you down with repetition, and by the end you’re laughing at Justin Timberlake telling you to buy Monica and Chandler champagne.

3. Romantic Comedy (little NSFW)

I’m a sucker for parody, and they crush it with this one, even if it’s completely inappropriate.

Eugene Levy. Perfect.

5. BONUS: click here to see Justin Timberlake perform "Mirrors" after being introduced by The Three Amigos.