March Madness 2013 VIDEO: Buzzer Beaters Galore


I'm in 7th grade and we're somehow hanging with Pewamo Westphalia. They're undefeated in the league and have this kid who has to be 7-feet tall. My buddy, Manny, single-handedly keeps us in the game. With 10-seconds left, he has 25 of our 42 points. PW only has 42 as well, but we're about to inbound just behind the half court line. 

In the timeout, Coach Vietzke sets up a play where Manny would inbound to me, and I would pass back to him in a give and go type play. In my mind, I want to take the last shot, but I'm playing miserably. With only one bucket made all day, I know the right play is to have Manny take the game winning shot.

As planned, Manny inbounds to me. I panic. I forget to pass the ball back. I look up, 8 seconds left. I dribble to my right and beeline all the way to the corner near the baseline. Next thing I know, I'm cornered: the baseline to my right, the sideline right behind me, a PW player to my left, and that damn 7-footer right in front of me. I don't have time to look at the clock, but I know there isn't much time left.

I fade away and chuck up a shot as high as I can to get it over the tall guy, falling back on my butt and sliding out of bounds.

The ball seems to stay put and float for a little bit as I watch it at its apex and then picks up again as it drops,



right out of sight behind the giant from PW.

I don't see it go in, but I know it does. Straight through the hoop. Nothing but net.

We win. I'm the hero because I messed up and didn't pass the ball back to Manny. That's how basketball sometimes goes.

I love buzzer beaters.

On Saturday, three games were decided by last second shots. Enjoy the excitement, the drama, and the unpredictability of these buzzer beaters, and be ready for quite a few more, we're only a third of the way through March. 

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