Marijuana Legalization 2013: 12 More States Consider Decriminalization and Legalization


A poll conducted last December shows 58% of the public support marijuana law reform. Twelve more state legislatures are addressing marijuana issues.

18 states, as well as Washington, D.C. currently have laws that allow for use of medical marijuana and two states (Colorado and Washington) passed laws last November allowing for recreational use of the plant. If 12 additional states pass favorable marijuana laws, that would be a total of thirty states that are in conflict with federal laws.

Attorney General Eric Holder told a Senate judiciary hearing  last week that "We will have the ability to announce what our policy will be relatively soon." One wonders what relatively soon means, given that in 2004, then-Senator Obama stated he supported decriminalization.

Regardless, if the federal government would simply act now to remove marijuana as a Schedule I class drug, it would save the entire nation time and money. But then the federal government has never been too good at cutting costs.

Perhaps in order to get this issue the attention it needs to move forward, we could enlist the aid of Senator Rand Paul and his prowess using the proven technique of a filibuster. I am sure his father would approve.

It is time for those on Capitol Hill to quit dragging their feet.