5 CPAC 2013 Speakers Conservative Millennials Are Most Excited About


If you're anything like me, I count down the days till CPAC like a kid who feverishly stares at their advent calendar hoping they can will Christmas to come faster. CPAC becomes a long weekend full of wonderful Republican-ness after a long year of being inundated with our liberal friends, professors, and media. For a young conservative, what's not to love? There is College Republican family reunions, favorite politicians to stalk and gush over, that creepy camera guy who seems to follow you wherever you go, and glitter bombs from protestors.

At CPAC, we make memories that last a lifetime. At my first one a couple years ago, I bobbed and weaved through a crowd to get a picture with Mitt Romney and left my poor friend in the dust who promptly got hit in the head with a boom mic. All the fun and games aside, CPAC is a time for people to become inspired again. It is a time to recharge our batteries and hear wisdom from the best and brightest in our party. The energy from CPAC renews our resolve to keep plugging away at spreading the conservative message until the next election cycle. So, as millennials, whom are we most excited about? In no particular order, here’s my top five: 

1. Katie Pavlich:

Katie is truly an inspiration to young writers everywhere. She came out of nowhere this year and has made her mark on TownHall.com as the woman who led the charge to find out the truth in the Fast and Furious Scandal. At only 24-years-old she has a nationally recognized voice and has proven that she is a fearless and dedicated leader in the conservative movement.

2. Steven Crowder:

From his impression of Vice President Joe Biden as Rain Man to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as The Joker, Steven always makes us laugh. What is so irresistible about Steven's comedy is that he's intelligent and insightful. Even in his illegal immigration sketch where the "Mexicans" climb over a fake wailing wall ("It's all yews!"), Steven pithily makes the point that it isn't outlandish to expect immigrants to assimilate. If that doesn't do it for you, his most recent project in Michigan that led to an assault from union workers should make him a hero in any conservative millenial's book.

3. Kate Obenshain:

If you want to get any young conservative girl excited and riled up, put Kate Obenshain in front of her. This woman is the reason I have decided to dedicate my life to advancing conservative ideas. I first met her at a Young America's Foundation conference. For girls who have ever wondered if they can make a difference in the world and still have happy, functional children, Kate Obenshain should be your role model. I once asked her how she balances her political career and her children. She looked me dead in the eye and said, "because I know that everything I do is to give my children a better future and isn't that what motherhood is all about?"

4. Senator Marco Rubio:

I think every young conservative's heart sank a little when Senator Rubio didn't run for president in 2012. But, deep down we knew that he is needed in the Senate; now more than ever. What young people love about Senator Rubio is not his heart-warming personal story, his boyish good looks, or that he's not the standard "old white guy" politician. Young people appreciate one thing above all in a politician: principles. In an age where politicians say one thing and change their mind after the election (*cough* the president's sequester *cough*), principles are like gold and Senator Rubio has no shortage of them. 

5. Senator Rand Paul:

#StandWithRand. Need I say more? I can't remember the last time I was so glued to C-SPAN. The rest of us can probably say the same. Thirteen hours of fighting for our constitutional rights is an act so rare that Senator Paul will go down in the history books for it. While many have always had a soft spot for his father's way of sticking it to the man, Rand has an ability to talk about our founding principles in a way that is much easier for those who aren't die hard libertarians to swallow. I am unashamed to say that Senator Paul's speech is the one that I am looking forward to the most. #RandforPres anyone?