Should Tim Tebow Support Gay Rights?



Fans of the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow are petitioning Tim Tebow and his teammates to join in the "It Gets Better Campaign" to support gay teens, according to USA Today.

Previously, Tebow and his mother appeared in a TV commercial which ran during the Super Bowlagainst abortion. The organization that sponsored this commercial, in addition to being anti-abortion, also opposes gay marriage. While Tebow has yet to make a public statement about his beliefs, his participation in this ad may betray his feelings toward same sex marriage, beliefs that stem from his Christianity.

As suicides among LGBT youth continue to occur in the U.S., some celebrities and campaigns are trying to create a more positive attitude toward gay people.

Weigh in: Can celebrities be effective in changing the discussion about gay rights? Or, are there better ways to change religious attitude toward LGBT people and same-sex marriage?

Photo Credit: Jeffery Beall