Debate the Future of the GOP & Millennials This Week on PolicyMic


This week, PolicyMic is parterning with Concord 51 to host a series of conversations with high-profile conservatives and millennials on the future of the GOP, timed with the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) 2013.

CPAC is the annual political conference attended by conservatives from across the U.S., and it will be held this year from March 14-16 in Washington, D.C. We're using the event as an opportunity to launch a smart, thoughtful conversation about how the GOP can recover from 2012, particularly amongst millennial voters.

Concord 51 is a political action committee started by young conservatives based in New York City. Concord 51 is helping to connect us to some of the GOP's leading politicians.

We have a number of exciting discussions planned for this week. First, starting Wednesday we will host conservative leaders from Congress on their plans for millennials & the future of the GOP. These politicians have agreed to publish an op-ed on the site and respond to the Most Mic'd comment on their articles. Cato scholar David Lampo, a leading libertarian scholar who has written on the future of the GOP and gay marriage, will also weigh in this week.

Next, we'll hear from five of Concord 51's top young leaders on a range of topics, including: 1) A new game plan for the GOP 2) Job creation and the GOP 3) The debt's threat to millennials 4) Leveraging social media to mobilize young people and 5) How the GOP can win over minorities, millennials, and women. First up, co-Founder Matt Swift explains how the GOP needs to embrace conversation and debate, rather than remain in a state of denial.

Finally, PolicyMic's top pundits will be discussing how the GOP can win over millennials on a range of issues, including: gay marriage, immigration, economics, and jobs. We'll be hearing from our leading conservative pundits, and all of these articles will appear in the Politics section, under "CPAC 2013."

At the end of the week, we'll summarize the highlights and share them with the PolicyMic community as well as the GOP leadership. 

We are excited for you to join the conversation all week and share your ideas.

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