CNN Seems Surprised That Africans Are Ready For An African Pope


These days just about everyone likes to dump on CNN for its graphics gimmicks, 27-person political round-tables, and the total inability of its star anchor — Wolf Blitzer — to veer off-script in a coherent manner. Not me. I'm willing to give credit where credit is due. Apparently, CNN was the only news organization bold enough to commission a massive survey of 20,000 people living in 11 countries across Africa. That Herculean effort yielded this crucial and shocking takeaway:

Holy McGillicutty, stop the presses! I gotta call my editah! Wait a second. I am an editah!

Thank Zeus for CNN, because otherwise we'd have no idea that people who identify as members of a certain group feel that they're just as capable of doing certain jobs — like poping — as people who do not identify as members of said group.