North Korea Leader Dead


Kim Jong-Il passed away at the age of 69. In an emotional dedication on national television, North Korean state-run networks reported that he died of physical and mental over-work. The infamous leader has maintained an iron fist on an impoverished nation since he inherited the regime from his father Kim Il-Sung. Amidst knowledge of his failing health since his stroke in 2008, recent reports highlighted Kim Jong-Il's eagerness to groom his son, Kim Jong-Un to follow in his footsteps and become the next leader.

North Korea faces a famine crisis, widespread poverty, and tense relations with its neighbors. Kim Jong-Il has also persisted in attempts to develop nuclear weapons and has effectively isolated North Korea from the international community (except for China).

Weigh-in: Do you think the death of Kim Jong-Il will bode well for the country? Will he be succeeded by his ordained successor Kim Jong-Un, or will there be a power vacuum within the country?