Adam Carolla Owns 'HuffPo' On Race, Proving Once Again Why He Is A New Media Rock Star


Adam Carolla has proven once again why he is the rock star of media pundits in America.

The Adam Carolla Show, a free podcast which set the record as the most downloaded podcast in history according to Guinness World Records, is an independently owned and operated podcast that Carolla has full creative control of and full freedom from FCC restrictions. I became hooked after this classic rant Carolla had during the height of the Occupy Wall Street protests where he summed up the mentality of the movement better than I ever could (Warning: graphic language is used in this hilarious bit):

Now Carolla is making national headlines after inviting former San Francisco Mayor and current Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) to his show. Carolla was talking about financially preparing your future for emergencies in case you might find yourself out of a job some day or going through some other personal hardship. Newsom then claimed that these options are only available depending on your race and Carolla confronted him on that claim:

Predictably, the liberal media wasn't amused. The Huffington Post covered the story with the headline, "Adam Carolla To Gavin Newsom: What's Wrong With Blacks And Latinos?" First of all, anyone who was listening to the interview would know that Carolla never said those words. Second, what Carolla was asking was why Newsom was singling out those two specific groups. Third, the point Carolla made was, "the family is the number one problem in the black community … It's simple. Fathers, stay at home, raise your family, do your homework with your kids, put an emphasis on education like the Jews, like the Asians, and let's see what happens to the problem in 20 years."

So Carolla let HuffPo have it on Friday's podcast. "The Huffington Post has come out with a story that says 'Adam Carolla To Gavin Newsom: What's Wrong With Blacks And Latinos?'" Carolla said. "That's not what I said to Gavin Newsom. I didn't bring up blacks and Latinos. He brought up blacks and Latinos. But let me take this moment to now talk to all the pussies that are out there trying to stir things up and turn me into a racist. I got news for you: Me saying parents should stick around and raise the children – me saying families and cultures should focus on education — is not radical or revolutionary. It's the fucking truth."

Carolla went on to criticize California politicians (like Newsom) for caring more about getting re-elected than telling people the truth and the mainstream media for not only failing to do its proper job but for calling Carolla out for using harsh language instead of dealing with the root causes of these problems, going so far as to claim they "have blood on their hands."

"The news media — it's your job to try to do something," he said. "It's your job to blow the lid off these things. This is an epidemic … It's a social issue. It involves family. It involves some judgment and some finger-pointing. And you're not willing to do that because you're pussy cowards. You are willing to point fingers at me. You'll point fingers all day long. But you won't point fingers where they belong, which are at these families and consequently, kids are living in poverty."

The best part of all was when Carolla mentioned that because he owns his own podcast, and doesn't work for any employer or media conglomerate corporation, he has what he calls a "pirate ship" that gives him the freedom (from both corporate legal departments and the FCC) to say whatever he wants.

"So let me tell you something — I got something called a pirate ship, Huffington Post," Carolla said. "I don't give a fuck about you and your fucking opinions. Keep going, Huffington Post. Keep pointing fingers at people who speak out. Good job, media. Silence everyone who says there's a problem. Silence everyone who attempts to take these people and really earnestly get them out of poverty, to really earnestly try to look at the problem realistically, to look at the problem of violence, to look at the problem of education, to look at the socio-economic problem — someone who really honestly tries to take a look at this problem. You silence them by calling them a racist. You have the racist finger out all the time. But the finger you use for personal responsibility — that stays up your ass. That never leaves your asshole, you hypocritical pussies."