Sean Lowe's Family Grills Catherine Giudici in First 10 Minutes Of 'The Bachelor' Finale


In the first ten minutes of The Bachelor finale, Sean Lowe's family grilled Catherine Giudici in Thailand about how much she loves their boy, seemingly testing the waters to see whether she could be a good fit in the family. They threw some curve balls at her and she came across a little uneasy and inarticulate, leading me to believe she isn't the one Lowe chose to be his wife. Everyone worries about meeting the parents and what not, but this didn't seem particularly fun, at least up front.

Luckily, Lowe's dad was very sweet and charming to the point where Giudici choked up and appeared genuinely touched, but the talk with Lowe's mom felt much more rigid and uncomfortable. Hell, I felt like I was getting the third degree. Lowe's mom doesn't seem sold on Giudici, but maybe she will feel differently about finalist Lindsay Yenter? Sean himself said he could tell Giudici was nervous throughout the meeting.