Is Sean Lowe a Virgin?


Sean Lowe from The Bachelor may have irresistible looks, but you can't have too much fun with him, as the super religious Christian is a born-again virgin. 

I know what you're thinking: what does that even mean? How can you undo losing your virginity? Obviously you can't, but though Lowe had sex in college, he is abstinent now

“Sean doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married,” a source told Fox News. “It’s very important to him."

"She wasn’t celibate going in to The Bachelor, so this is a big change,” the source continued. “She’s dying to do it. Waiting is tough!”

Hard to believe any girl within Lowe's vicinity could keep her hands off him, but they all reportedly did. Another source told Life & Style, "Sean didn't have sex with any of the women on the show."

Good for him. He may be the only guy in history to be surrounded by tons of girls for weeks on end and behave like a good Christian boy! I take my hat off to him for having some self-control. Most men, and women, couldn't do that.

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