'The Bachelor' Finale: Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici Ride An Elephant


You know what would be the coolest date ever? Elephant-riding in Thailand! Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici did just that on the finale of The Bachelor.

"Good girl!" Sean told the elephant. Sorry dude, but you say that to dogs, not elephants. 

Jokes aside, the two seemed pretty relaxed during their date, but not necessarily as happy as Lowe and Jessica Yenter seemed during their boat excursion. We all know I want Giudici to win, but unfortunately it doesn't look like she's Sean's number one pick right now. He said just a half hour ago that he felt Yenter was his girl, but hopefully he saw the light and went for Cat in the end.

Who is your favorite? Are you all Catherine, all the time as I am or more interested in bubbly, perpetually cheerful Yenter? They both seem like lovely ladies, not to mention fun and easygoing, but as I said earlier, Giudici seems to have a little more to her. You can't go wrong with a girl from Seattle, either. As I always say, West Coast Best Coast! 

At any rate, Giudici said she's been playing it "safe and calm" for fear of getting hurt. Feel ya, girl. Who wouldn't be guarded on a reality show like this?