'The Bachelor' 2013 LIVE: Catherine Says 'I Love You,' Sean Says 'Thank You'


We just spent ten minutes hearing Catherine Giudici talk about how guarded she is as a person. Sean Lowe listened with compassion but remained silent after she opened up and dropped the "L" bomb.

"I love you," Giudici said, a long pause following. Lowe eventually responded with, "Thank you for today."

Wow, dude. I get that you didn't want to lead anyone on, but after a seriously guarded girl opens up to you like that, you return the favor if you care about her. It really, really hurts to be on the other end of that situation, and if I were Giudici, I'd be upset and embarrassed. 

This isn't a good sign, guys. Lowe seems way more into happy-go-lucky Lindsay Yenter, who he still can't shut up about even when she's not around. Oh well.