Lindsay Yenter, Sean Lowe Meet For the First Time Since Saying Goodbye


Two months after Sean Lowe turned Lindsay Yenter away, they met up for the first time on the season finale of The Bachelor. 

They greeted each other with hugs, and after Yenter got settled into the show interview couch, she asked Lowe why he hadn't selected her after all, as she still couldn't wrap her head around his decision to pick Catherine Giudici instead. Lowe assured Yenter that he adored her, but that he just knew in his heart that Giudici was the one. That seemed to hurt Yenter a lot, and why wouldn't it? No one wants to hear that she's the second best choice, and no matter how difficult the decision between the two was, what matters in the end is which path Lowe decided to take.

I gotta say, I was veyr anti-Yenter at first, but seeing her lose was sad, especially since she seemed so surprised by Lowe's selection. Maybe now she'll be a little more careful with relationships and avoid wearing her heart on her sleeve. It doesn't always work out well, and I'd venture to say Giudici's guarded side actually helped her win the full heart of Lowe. 

Do you think the couple will last? I really hope so.