'The Bachelor' 2013 Finale: Desiree Hartsock Announced As the Next 'Bachelorette'


In the final minutes of The Bachelor finale, former contestant Desiree Hartsock announced that she will be the bachelorette on the next Bachelorette, which will give her a chance to find her true love this time around. It didn't work out with Sean Lowe, but we saw him find his true love after being rejected on The Bachelorette, so we know now that everything happens for a reason!

As cheesy people say, good things fall apart so even better things can come together ... or something like that.

Hartsock recently told OK! magazine of seeing Lowe again after their parting of ways, "It’s interesting. We did all go a long time without seeing him or talking to him or knowing anything so it was nice."

She also told the publication that she was finally ready to date again, "I never force dating or relationships. I’m very comfortable being single, I don’t mind it. But I do really, really want companionship and I really do want to find love and I want to share love. That’s all. I’m going to get all sentimental. But I’m not one to settle so that’s what difficult too because I do meet such amazing men and then they’re just not right for me." 

Good luck to her!