College Of Cardinals: Hopelessly Old and Out Of Touch


While all eyes will be on the 115 electors — average age, 71 years, 10 months — in the College of Cardinals to see who they will elect to be the next pontiff, the fact of the matter is that the new pope chosen from this group will be a breath of stale air exhaled from a morally archaic institution. The unwillingness of the Catholic Church to admit women into the priesthood, and its neurotic stances on sex are completely tone-deaf positions in a modern civilization. 

The next pope, whoever he is, will deliver the occasional ho-hum broadsides against condoms, birth control pills, abortion, sex outside of wedlock, homosexuality, and other instances of "sin." He will, as he is doing now — wherever he may be a cardinal — prattle on about how one ought to live; and yet, he has no wife, no children, no family he has built himself from the ground up. He has no idea what it is like to live as a husband or a father, (and they yet they have the gall to call themselves "Father").

Of course, this doesn't make one entirely incapable of dispensing life advice. However, given that the most controversial teachings of the Church usually center around sexual and familial matters, one must wonder what a group of 70 and 80 year old virgins know about what it's like to raise a family. 

Bottom line, I would trust your average cardinal to give me good dating or marriage advice as much as I'd trust your average Mormon to make me a good martini.