NASA Announcement Live: Did the Curiosity Rover Find Evidence Of Life On Mars?


One month ago, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover drilled into the Martian surface, scooping up the first-ever sample of Mars rock. A series of experiments utilizing no-doubt-intricate onboard scientific instruments followed, and blammo, Curiosity's sent back a bunch of data on Martian rock.

The rover team, gathered at NASA headquarters, is expected to announce the mineral and chemical composition of what exactly they found during a live press conference beginning at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Could they have found evidence of life on Mars? Or has the Red Planet always been as dead as it is now? Who knows. That curious little metal scamp rolling around the Martian surface is the only one with all the answers.

We do have one big hint: the ancient streambed that Curiosity drove through to find the right rock.