March Madness Predictions: Which Conference Will Reign Supreme?


Each year, the media deems one conference as better than the rest. The past few years, the Big East was scene as top dog, but the 2012-13 season has seen the Big 10, despite its 12 teams and confusing B1G logo, emerge as the media's best conference.

Critical acclaim, however, doesn't always mean tournament success. The tournament is a fickle beast, and even after all of the Big East's success in last year's regular season, the conference only saw Louisville advance to the final four. 

Since 2000, the the following conferences have sent a team to the Final Four (with total trips to the Final Four in parenthesis): 

ACC (10)

Big 10 (10)

Big East (8)

Big 12 (7)

SEC (6)

Pac 12 (4)

Conference USA (3)

Colonial (2)

Horizon (2)

But every year is a new year. Will Gonzaga get the West Coast Conference a Final Four bid? Or will the ACC and Big 10 continue their dominance. 

My bet for the 2013 Final Four:

Big Ten (2)

Big East (1)

Atlantic 10 (1)

Commenters, any predictions on conferences or teams?

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