Jay Z: 5 Reasons Why He Would Be the Best Politician Ever


“Obama on the text/you should be afraid of what I’m gon’ do next,” raps Jay-Z in one of his many songs that hint he has big things ahead.

Jay-Z has always been a spectacle of sorts in the hip-hop and business world. He pulled himself up from the bootstraps from Marcy Projects, where he was involved in illegal drug trafficking and showed spectacular resilience in reaching his goals. After being denied record deals, Jay-Z and his enterprising friends, which included his former friend and partner Dame Dash, created Rocafella Records.

If you look at his accomplishments, it reads as a resume of a shrewd businessman and talented artist.

Without a doubt, if Jay-Z wants something he more than likely gets it. He is a leader, a businessman, and knows how to assess risk to implement a plan that results in the best outcome. When it’s all said and done, Jay-Z should be in politics. Here are a couple of reasons why we need him to help run our country. 

1. He’s a businessman

Jay-Z is a businessman. Or in his eyes, he’s a business, man. He is his own brand and through his brand, he has created and invested in multimillion dollar business ventures. He has improved the overall wealth of people around him. How great would it be to have a politician whose business acumen improved the overall wealth of his constituents? Jay-Z has benefited from America’s business system, which allows a drug dealer and his friends to turn straight and become entrepreneurs of multimillion dollar empires.

2. He understands the working class

Jay-Z was not always Jay-Z. He grew up in Marcy Projects and was a diligent student. However, once his parents divorced he stopped focusing on school and became entrenched in the drug game. Jay-Z knows what it’s like to have less than $10 in his pocket, and by my guess, I do not think he has forgotten that feeling. Remembering that feeling drives his passion and work ethic. A policy maker who can relate to the common folk is needed in a time where income inequality is a key issue in American politics. Jay-Z’s policies will be fair to his working class constituents.

3. He understands the rich

Although Jay-Z was born Shawn Carter, a poor boy in Brooklyn, he certainly did not stay that way. He transformed into a sophisticated socialite, business tycoon and one of the best rappers to have ever lived. Because Jay-Z is a multimillionaire and probably mostly hangs out with other millionaires, his policies will also be kind to the rich.

4. He knows how to captivate an audience

Jay-Z knows how to captivate an audience. He is a rapper who made an event out of his “secret” marriage to Beyonce (neither of them talk much about the other person). He made an event out of his short-lived retirement from rap. It is evident that Jay-Z knows how to create attention and leave people wanting more. If Jay-Z was a politician, voter engagement among his constituents would increase.

5. He knows how to handle criticism

As a person who regularly performs for an audience, Jay-Z is used to criticism. This skill is good for any politician to have. Instead of being distracted by criticism of his detractors, Jay-Z would be able to focus on his constituents which is the primary responsibility of every politician.