Papal Conclave 2013 Day 2 Live Updates: Still No Pope


Cardinals failed to elect a new pope on day two of the conclave to find a substitute for former Pope Benedict XVI — now Pope Emeritus — who resigned in February citing health reasons. 

The 115 cardinals, who took an inaugural and failed vote on Tuesday, gathered again in the Sistine Chapel for two fresh rounds of voting on Wednesday — after which they burned the ballots to announce the millions of pilgrims and tourists (via "fumata nera," or black smoke) from the Chapel's chimney.  

It is expected that the cardinals would have to go through at least three or four more rounds of voting before a new pontiff is elected. Experts say that it's taken an average of seven rounds to elect the most recent popes. Benedict XVI, a clear frontrunner, was named pope in 2005 after four rounds.