Steubenville Rape: The Defense Says Silence is Consent


12:30 The Steubenville trial has reconvened and the two sides have given their opening statements. The prosecution started by presenting the Judge with the numerous photographs that capture the Steubenville rape.  She describes the alleged victim as "someone who was too impaired to say no" and told the court that "portions of these testimonies won’t be easy to hear" but that they would ultimately determine the two Steubenville Big Red Football players' culpability. 

The defense still maintains that the young girl's silence during the acts can be interpreted as consent. In other words, because the alleged victim didn't say no, she probably meant yes. Walter Madison, the defense attorney said:

"Our position remains the same: [The Defendants] did not rape the lady in question."

The first witness has chosen not to be recorded so the live stream will be interrupted momentarily.