5 Reasons Why You Should Write for PolicyMic Right Now


At PolicyMic, we speak to scores of millennials every day doing all sorts of amazing things with their lives — millennials who love our site, are crazy about the issues shaping the lives of young people, and want an outlet for their voice. And yet, making time to use that outlet oft weasles its way to the bottom rung of the priorities ladder amidst coursework, work committments, and significant others.

We've got 5 reasons to remind you why writing for PolicyMic is one of the best things you can do with your time- even for those of you with less time to go around. Here's why:

1. Write now. Pay later. 

If you write for PolicyMic today, you'll exponentially increase your chances of remuneration tomorrow. How? Because writing for us in an on-call basis is the only way to be considered for a paid position with us in the future. 

2. Your mom has to say your article is nice. A core team of 600 writers in 75 countries don't. 

With millions of unique viewers per month, PolicyMic offers a happy confluence of opinions, feedback, and reality checks. The best way to hone your writing skills is to put your work in front of a diverse audience, and we've got one for you.

3. You get to work closely with this guy. What more could you want? (No, really)

4. Being able to list Junior Copy Editor of Theta Pi's newsletter under Experience on your resume has a shelf life. 

You need experience to get hired. You need to be hired to get experience. We get it. But if you write for PolicyMic, you've got a way for you to start publishing immediately, and beef up your resume at the same time. 

5. Debating yourself is boring.

You're the only person heatedly discussing the news at the party. Or in line at the grocery store.  Or in your dorm room. At the frat house. The library. The office. Your neighbor's basement. The list goes on. Write for PolicyMic and you've got a ready-made community to listen to, challenge, support, and empower what you have to say about the issues that matter most right now.

So do it. Write for us. Send an email to Caira Conner (caira@policymic.com) with a current resume, a 500-word writing sample, and tell us you're ready to write for PolicyMic. We want to hear what you have to say.