Big 10 2013 Tournament Schedule



The Big 10 regular season was a wild ride. In what other conference is a team that is ranked #6 in the country, be the 5-seed in the conference tournament? For the Big 10, that is par for the course in a crazy year of basketball. 

Indiana won the conference outright with their thrilling finish at Michigan on Sunday. Meanwhile, Michigan State and Ohio State finished just one game back and Michigan and Wisconsin were two behind.

The conference could get as many as eight teams into the big dance, but seven is a good bet.

Check the bracket above for schedule and TV, all times listed are CDT (so add an hour if you're on the east coast, take off two if you're on the west). 

Prediction: As a Michigan State fan, I don't want them to play that well in the Big 10 Tourney. Last year then won, got a 1-seed, then Louisville dismantled them in the Sweet 16. This year, I'm hoping they make the semis of Big 10, then get a 2- or 3-seed and make a Final Four run. Perfect. 

But how do I actually think it will play out? 

Indiana is catching all the breaks at the right time (Michigan and Michigan State both missed the front end of crucial 1-and-1 free throw attempts) and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. 

I see them beating a red-hot Ohio State in a tense final.

Indiana 68, Ohio State 64