CPAC 2013 Schedule: Full CPAC Events List


The first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference has begun, and conservatives have flocked to National Harbor, Maryland, launching unofficial presidential bids for 2016 and entertaining conservatives and progressives alike.This year's CPAC should be interesting for a number of reasons.


Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (RKy.) have both been in the spotlight for the last couple of weeks: Paul for his filibuster of the drone strikes, and Rubio for his response to the State of the Union (his water drinking moment immortalized forever in gif form). Their speeches will be back to back, and will capture the essence of CPAC.

On a somewhat less serious note, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will also be speaking at the conference. 

These two are among those with the longest allocated time, for some reason, trumping everyone else on this list with 16 minutes for Palin and 14 minutes for Trump.  So what will Palin and Trump do with their time? Besides defend their pizza eating habits? With two pundits like that, who can say? All the more reason to tune in. 

Lastly, Jeb Bush has always been known for his familial ties, but CPAC is his time to break through preconceptions about his political stance. While Bush is not on the straw poll list, which measures the viability of candidates for a 2016 presidential run, his interest in the position has not waned. This speech will be a time for Bush to make clear his intentions and his potential as a presidential candidate. 

CPAC 2013 Schedule