March Madness Predictions: Who Will Win the Tournament?


Picking a Final Four once the brackets come out is hard. What's even harder is picking a Final Four before the brackets come out. For all you know, you could pick four teams that all end up in the same region, and all four of them may end up getting upset. Chances of getting one team is hard, chances of picking all four is almost impossible.

But that won't stop us from trying.

If you had to pick a Final Four today, who would you take? 

Here's my Final Four as of now (with overall winner in bold): 

1. Michigan State

2. Kansas

3. Georgetown

4. Ohio State

I know, I know, Duke is probably going to win it all now that they have Ryan Kelly back, but my dislike of them disallows me from picking them anywhere in the tournament. 

Who you taking? Put your picks in the comments!

March Madness Predictions: Who Will Win the Tournament?

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