5 Terrifying World Leaders and Their Celebrity Friends


In the immortal words of Whodini: "Friends ... how many of us have them?"

They have a good point. Friends can be very difficult to come by, especially if you're a terrifying president or dictator.

So imagine how the guys below felt when they discovered kindred spirits in the form of strange and unexpected celebrities. Singers, actors, athletes, scary politicians: apparently they're all part of the same big happy (dysfunctional) family.

Here are five world leaders you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, hanging out with their celebrity pals. More often than not, it's a match made in hell.

1. Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Rodman:

Photo Credit: Anchorage Daily News

The insane North Korean leader and the NBA legend enjoy some hoop therapy together.

2. Richard Nixon and James Brown:

Photo Credit: David Hardiman

The perm-rocking Godfather of Soul endorsed the Watergate crook's re-election campaign.

3. Ronald Reagan and Frank Sinatra:

Photo Credit: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Old Blue Eyes sharing an evil laugh with the Gipper.

4. George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Photo Credit: Corbis Images

No explanation necessary.

5. Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal

Photo Credit: National Post

Apparently these two have lunch and watch judo together. Nothing about this isn't scary.