Rush Limbaugh Responds to a PolicyMic Pundit


All week we've been having a discussion around the future of the GOP with millennials, timed to the Conservative Political Action Conference, and things have been blowing up.

On Wednesday, we published Senator Rand Paul's take on how the GOP can better address our needs (and potentially win our vote). And throughought the week, we've featured a number of thoughtful pieces from top PolicyMic pundits, that examine the relationship between Republicans and millennials and highlight issues that are important to us.

One pundit's column in particular drew the eye of none other than Rush Limbaugh, who sent us his own op-ed in response. It's quite a moment for us and no matter where you are on the political spectrum, we'd love to have you in on the debate!

This week has been timed to CPAC, and in the future we'll be featuring additional debates that are tied to events across the political spectrum. As always, we welcome your input! Thanks for all you do making PolicyMic great, and a thoughtful place for discussing politics and policy.