11 Policy Issues Banksy Has Addressed Through Art


In many ways, Banksy has become the defining artist of the millennial generation. Working in the street art medium birthed by Bronx teenagers in the 1970s, the masked Brit uses a biting wit and extensive knowledge of pop culture to satirize countless relevant social and political topics.

The Banksy meta-documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated for an Oscar in 2010, and Banksy's work has appeared on merchandise, street corners, and in art galleries around the world. The popularity is undeniable, and the content never less than topical.

Here are eleven issues that Banksy has addressed in this extensive body of work.

1. Surveillance

2. Colonization

3. Civic Regulations

4. Your Life

5. Fine Art

6. The "War On Terror"

7. Global Warming

8. Homosexuality

9. Militarism

10. Evolution

11. Graffiti

(Photo Credits: Juxtapoz)