CPAC 2013 Was All About White Victimhood


Between Mitt Romney's "gifts" comment, the Fox-trumpeted New Black Panther Party story, Former Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum's "welfare & black people" presser, and Scott Terry's comments and subsequent avoidant response by K. Carl Smith at CPAC, this summer will most likely be another episode in the awful ongoing Race Wars saga enitled: Episode VI Return of White Victimhood.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that crazy white people all over the media are screaming to whomever is listening that white people are under attack in America.

This idea is nothing new. Mass hysteria has long been at the forefront of racially charged issues, as Time Wise points out.

"In every generation whites have hyped fears of black anger, black bigotry and the supposed desire of African Americans to exact revenge on whites. From fears about slave rebellions, to claims that integration would lead black children to knife white children in the hallways and rape white girls, to paranoia about Obama's secret plan for 'white slavery,' the cult of white victimhood has long had its charter members. Sadly, nowadays the cult has the attention of the media and a white public already anxious about changing demographics, the presence of a black president and economic insecurity. Unless the targets of their race-baiting (including the President) show the courage to push back and expose them for the venal fear-pimps they are, their methods will only get more extreme, their lies more bold, and their ability to inflict lasting damage on the nation more definitive."

Again, this is nothing new, and right-wingers know it. Whenever someone tries to make an argument stating that a certain Republican is racist, conservatives instantly interject with "I am not racist." I find it funny that if you have to tell yourself you're "not racist", you probably are racist. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone reports:

"At every Tea Party event I've gone to, the scene always devolves in one of two directions: either everybody trades stories about the corruption of Charlie Rangel or ACORN or Jeremiah Wright or some other notable nonwhite villain, or else a group therapy session breaks out in which everybody shares their harrowing experiences of being unjustly accused of racism. Once they reach one of those two destinations, they camp out there, conversationally, not just for minutes but hours."

He also goes on to say that:

"All that needs to be pointed out is that when they get a chance to gape at a video purporting to show a black Obama official confessing to having mistreated a white farmer (it turned out to be the opposite of that, of course), or a tape of Black Panther King Shamir talking about 'killing cracker babies,' the word  that best describes the emotions they display at these times is glee ...They enjoy these morbid stories about offenses to white dignity way too much."

The beautiful thing about "white victimhood" ideology is the idea that no matter what the circumstances may be, however the argument may start, everything circles back to the idea that whites are being oppressed. This perpetual circular motion will stop when a conservative Republican comes out and vehemently bashes the idea of racism and "white victimhood," but until then, it will unfortunately continue.