The Bible Series History Channel: One Of the Best Shows On TV


In a time where disaster and despair are everywhere, many question the presence of God. On Sunday, March 3, the History Channel premiered a new TV series that’s taking the world by storm. The Bible is a 5-part, 10-hour series retelling stories from the most important book ever printed. Every Sunday for five weeks, viewers can tune in to watch the amazing retelling. From Genesis to Revelation, the epic stories are told in a truthful yet entertaining way to appeal to audience members from every generation and background.

Its premiere had 13.1 million viewers tuned in and its second episode had the attention of 10.8 million. The Bible has knocked American Idol out of the top spot since its debut. Though it’s a huge hit with viewers, many biblical scholars believe it’s a waste of time. They say it isn’t accurate enough even though scholars, teachers, and preachers from all over were consulted during the production of the series. Regardless of what negativity is said, The Bible has gotten and will continue to bring more people to the cross. This series is hands down one of the best shows to hit television.

Mark Burnett, producer for shows like The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice, and his wife Roma Downey, best known for her role on Touched by an Angel, spent four years and countless hours making sure that The Bible was factual and entertaining for people of all walks of life, especially young people. It’s been proven that younger generations are less likely to believe in God. The special effects and fight scenes are appealing to those who were raised in an action/adventure era. The raw human emotions that are displayed appeal to all of us. Biblical characters weren’t supernatural beings in a natural world, they were merely regular human beings who were touched by and had a relationship with God. Audiences are connecting with these men and women like never before because they are beginning to see themselves in these characters.

Though poetic license was taken and not every Bible story was told, the message is still amazing. Many criticized because episode one begins with Noah and his family on the ark. As the boat travels through the storm, Noah tells the story of creation to calm his family. We know Noah isn’t the first story of the Bible, but his story ties into the story he’s telling. For anyone who didn’t know why God flooded the world and started from scratch, Noah explains it in a brief, easy to understand way. Burnett, Downey, and everyone involved with the project did an outstanding job of getting non-believers and wayward souls interested in The Great I Am.