5 Greatest Moments Of 'Girls' Season 2


Can you believe Lena Dunham's Girls is about to end its second season? The creators and characters have come a long way since the beginning of season one, when main character Hannah couldn't get a job, Jessa refused to get a job, Shoshanna was still a virgin, and Marnie was in a one-way relationship with Charlie. Though the final episode won't air until this evening, it's safe to say the second season was a success. Here's how the characters and plot have progressed in season two.

1. Hannah gets a job

After a season of unemployment (not counting her short-lived office gig), it was time for Hannah to start hustling. I'm glad she started working in season two. She's on her toes professionally and personally, and I think she'll impress audience members even more in season three.

2. Hannah gets a book deal

First of all, whoa! Most 20-something writers would kill for that (this guy!). Though it's hard to believe someone like Hannah could go from Unemployed Sadsack to Aspiring Author With A Book Deal in such a short period of time, it's good to see her actually writing again. She could use a little more work ethic, but no one is perfect, and I'm sure she will get to it next season.

3. Jessa realizes her spontaneous wedding was a bad decision

I've never tied the knot on a whim, but I'm happy that the people behind this show decided to end Jessa's marriage to a finance guy, with whom she had nothing in common. Young people make dumb, life-changing mistakes sometimes, and she was right to simply cut her losses and recognize she'd made a grave mistake.

4. Shoshanna develops more confidence

Losing your virginty will do that to you. She also seems to have lost interest in boyfriend Ray, who, God love him, needs to get his act together. Shoshanna is certainly there, and even though I didn't like that she cheated on him in a recent episode, I do think she's starting to belive she can find someone better. She definitely can.

5. Marnie embraces her meltdown

This was not Marnie's season. She loses her job, inexplicably pines for ex-boyfriend Charlie, hooks up with a self-involved artist who would never make her his girlfriend, and becomes upset that her former flame is doing well without her. In the second to last episode, she says that being good all the time can actually feel really bad, and I'm thrilled she finally realized this. I hope she cleans up a little bit in season three, but season two was her time to just be a total hot mess.