Six Teams Fighting for Four Spots - Who Are the One Seeds?


With cases to be made for Indiana, Gonzaga, Miami, Louisville, Kansas, and Duke, here are my projections for who should be on the top lines:

My four picks for the one seeds are Louisville, Kansas, Gonzaga, and Miami.  All four of these teams won their conference tournaments and were regular season champions.  Duke in my opinion cannot be a one seed without winning the regular season title or the conference tournament (they didn't even make it to the finals).  Indiana won the regular season title in the top conference in the country; however, losing to Wisconsin I believe sets them back from being a top line team.

Additionally, I believe that Louisville will be the top overall seed.  Winning the Big East and roaring back against Syracuse to blow them out in the Big East Tournament finals. We will find out in 10 minutes as to who takes the top four spots.