Payroll Tax: Yet Another Example Of Political Gridlock in 2011


Political gridlock is paralyzing this country. The payroll tax just underscores this painful fact.

With the holidays looming and the payroll tax debate unresolved , Congress is going home for the holidays. President Barack Obama, seeing the problems of this tax being passed, asked for a two-month extension. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) says, "It's nonsense" because it'll be akin to "kicking the can down the road — and the American people don't need that."

What I fully don't understand is how can they not see this to be a problem? An article from USA Today stated, "Members of Congress care more about their own re-election campaigns than about the nation's economy. Leaders in the House and Senate spend all their time battling. The White House won't take charge."

The payroll tax conundrum is just a microcosm of an issue that has gotten worse over the last decade. If politicians wants to absolve themselves of an issue, they simply pass the buck to the opposing party. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of it. They are also guilty of having trouble working with each other.

It is akin to what one would encounter back in high school when participating in a student council. Popularity ruled over what the candidate represented. However, once they were in office and conducted meetings, the student body could have cared less what they decided. Seemingly, so did the student council.

Transfer that to Washington, D.C., and we're dealing with the same elements. More individuals who get elected are only towing the party line. They're conjuring ways to win re-election bids and are doing everything possible to upset fellow colleagues across the aisle while pocketing six figures a year. They forget the ultimate reason they hold their positions on Capitol Hill — to serve the interests of the American people.

In the House, Senate, and the White House — it's nothing but an ongoing debate with no end in sight. Too many of our 'representatives' are so high brow — it would hurt their necks to look down at us! On the payroll tax issue, our elected officials are finger-pointing, playing blame games, and displaying pettiness. And to think we elect these people in office. 

These stalling tactics must stop — people will become even more disinterested in all things political. The frustration over our government's lack of compromise is mounting — and the seeds of discontent have already been planted.

Photo Credit: Speaker Boehner