March Madness 2013: Join PolicyMic's March Madness Pool!


Welcome to the PolicyMic March Madness pool. Here’s the spot to prove your basketball genius by out-picking other PolicyMic users in our one-of-a-kind March Madness Pool.

Fill out our pool form below and hit submit. We will need your email address to let you know if you won. You have until 12 noon EDT on Thursday, March 21 to get your picks in.

If you’re looking for a few tips on how to make your picks, make sure to check out this story on “The Art of Predicting A Perfect Final Four.”


Each contestant picks nine teams, one of each seed 1-8 (i.e. one 1-seed, one 2-seed, one 3-seed, etc.) and one bonus team (any team that is a 9-seed or above). These nine teams will then accrue points for each game they win in the tournament. The point value for each round is as follows (the first four play-in games of the “First Round” will not count):

Round of 64: 1 point

Round of 32: 2 points

Round of 16: 4 points

Round of 8: 8 points

Final Four: 16 points

Championship: 32 points

As you can see, it’s all about picking the champ, but since you only get one 1-seed, you have to hope your 2- and 3-seeds make the final four as well.

So, fill out the form below, and get picking!