Lifeline Biotechnologies Smart Bra: Can Detect Cancer 6 Years Early


Ladies, it will soon be time to trash your Wonderbra and swap it for the new and improved smart bra. What the heck is that? That's what I thought. To my own disappointment, it isn't a bra that can update your status or that has an app to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts. It's even better. 

In addition to giving your ta-tas's some dependable support, it also offers them reliable breast cancer screenings too. Fox News reports that it relies on “thermography to detect heat or abnormal heat signatures from tumors versus normal tissue.”

The product, developed by Lifeline Biotechnologies is called First Warning System. According to Raw Story, it's insanely revolutionary when it comes to early breast cancer detection:

“It works by repeatedly measuring heat patterns and the shape of a breast over the course of a day, using detailed readings to track tiny changes in temperature caused by the growth of blood vessels. The computer in the bra can then compare thousands of data points picked up with its sensors to bio-informatics profiles of cancerous tissues, which the company says enables them to deliver a detection alert with up to 90% accuracy.”

The smart bra can perceive a very young tumor that has only developed within a few years, which is something that a mammography often can’t even do yet.

Data from the company’s trials have not been yet release but they hope to be approved by the FDA within the next year and be on the market as soon as possible. Their research has shown that the device can detect breast cancer six years before a mammography can.  

So maybe the smart bra won't allow you to instagram your lunch without using your hands (seriously, why aren't developers onto this already!?) but is bound to have some lasting impacts on breast cancer detection. The earlier a woman can find out she has a tumor, the higher her likelihood of survival.

Let's just hope that the smart bra is cheaper than the common smart phone, so that women from all walks of life can enjoy its potential life-saving qualities.