Winter Storm Ukko LIVE Updates: Snow, Rain and Gusty Winds Till the Last Day Of Winter

Winter Storm Ukko will deliver yet more snow, rain and gusty winds to the Midwest and the Northwest this Tuesday and Wednesday — reported The Weather Channel. Snow and gusty winds will hit Wisconsin and western Michigan on Monday, while snow — with the potential of "subzero wind chills" — will fall over North Dakota Monday (six inches of snow are expected in Michigan). 

Meanwhile, on Monday night, "freezing rain" will shower northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, before "marching northward" from the Mid-Atlantic States and Appalachians toward the Hudson Valley and southern New England (TWC is expecting the rain to then transition across the I-95 corridor from Washington to New York City).   

Also Monday, the heaviest snow is expected over northern and central Pennsylvania, southern New York and the mountains of southwest Pennsylvania, western Maryland, eastern West Virginia and western Virginia.  

On the southern end,  Ukko might unleash "severe storms" from parts of the Ohio Valley to the Tennessee Valley and Lower Mississippi Valley on Monday.