Gay Marriage Supported By 81% Of Young People, So When Will the GOP Give In?


At a time when CPAC is banning gay groups from participating in its conferences and Marco Rubio is defending the idea that discriminating against LGBT people does not make him a "bigot," it seems that conservatives won't be giving up their anti-gay stance anytime soon.  Even John Boehner has recently revealed that he has no intention of supporting gay marriage. Ever

Although many Republicans stubbornly endorse this combative position on gay marriage, studies are showing that a minority of Americans actually agree with them. Steve Benen at The Rachel Maddow Blog published a graph demonstrating that support for same sex unions is at its an all time high.  He uses the results from a Washington Post/ABC News poll to show that it shows that the trend shows no sign of reversing anytime soon:

"Among Americans aged 18 to 29, support for marriage equality is 81%, which reinforces the simple fact that opponents are not only fighting against social progress, they're also fighting a losing battle against a calendar that's indifferent to their culture war."

The survey also found a similar trend amongst white evangelicals. Almost a third of them back same-sex unions and that number is expected to grow quickly. The number has quadrupled over the last 10 years and it is showing no sign of slowing down.

Will this poll be enough for Republicans to stop beating a dead horse and finally give up on  the illusion that gay marriage is a divisive issue? It is probably in their interest to stop openly discriminating against LGBT Americans, because now that we know most of us support marriage equality, the only thing that will be controversial is their anti-gay bigotry.