Happy Holidays Google Doodle

Happy Holidays Google Doodle is now live! Google's famous search bar is kicking off the Christmas weekend with a Doodle playing the song Jingle Bells. Doodles have been a fun part of Google culture since 1998. According to Wikipedia, the first Google Doodle was in honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998. The doodle was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to notify users of their absence in case the servers crashed.

Interestingly, the song Jingle Bells was originally written for Thanksgiving in 1850. The song did not become popular until it changed its name from "One Horse Open Sleigh" to "Jingle Bells" in 1859. Jingles were commonplace on horses who wore blinders and therefore needed noise warnings to prevent crashes in busy intersections. Horse-drawn sleighs are silent in the snow.

What do you think of the Happy Holidays Google Doodle?