Elizabeth Colbert Busch Likely to Face Winner Of GOP Run-Off in South Carolina Primary


Ever since U.S. Senator Jim DeMint's surprise resignation and Governor Nikki Haley's nomination of former Representative Tim Scott to fill out the remaining two years of DeMint's term, every possible South Carolina candidate has jumped into the pool to try to grab the congressional prize.  

Today's Republican primary has 16 candidates competing against each other in a race that is certain to evolve into a runoff between two or three of them. The race is interesting because of the colorful personalities involved. Candidates include a former governor (who left office in a scandal involved with an Argentine mistress, lying and ethics violations), a former Charleston councilman, five current or former state office holders, and a very wide assortment of want-to-be politicians new to the state wide spotlight. Last but not least Teddy Turner, (yes the namesake son of billionaire renegade businessman Ted Turner).

With a field this large, it is unlikely that any of the candidates will be able to gather the needed 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff.

History indicates that those candidates with the most name recognition will poll the highest which would probably argue for a Sanford/Kuhn/Turner runoff on April 2.

Given the reality that fully 50% of this field is delusional and has no real chance to win the day, today's vote will trim the field to a manageable number and give the remaining candidates the opportunity, if they choose to take it, of actually discussing the pressing issues facing the state. The Democratic contest pits Comedian Steven Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch against two other candidates and once again, her name recognition should win the day for her, which, according to well-informed politicians here in the low country, would set up a very interesting contest against Sanford, if he eventually claims the Republican nomination.

Despite the fact that Charleston went for President Obama in the last presidential election, the odds against a Democratic congressional win here are very high. But it remains to be seen how many women, disgusted with Former Governor Sanford's disgraceful behavior would sooner vote for a Democratic woman than hold their noses and pull the lever for Sanford.