NCAA Tournament East Region Predictions


Indiana was the pre-season favorite to win the NCAA Title. They remained a top rated team all year and played well enough to win the Big Ten regular season and earn a 1-seed in the East. They also were lucky enough to be placed in what looks like the easiest of the four regions. 

Not that there aren't teams who could knock Indiana out of the big dance. N.C. State is a dangerous 8-seed and UNLV has one of the most talented rosters in the nation. Plus, Butler is Butler, and did beat Indiana earlier this season. Meanwhile, Miami has a stud point guard and athletes abound. 

Upset wise, I see the East region being ripe for parody. I see Butler making the Elite 8 and think either Cal or Montana will take out UNLV or Syracuse. 

In the end, I see Indiana getting revenge for the regular season loss to Butler and heading to the Final Four.

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