South Carolina Election Results: A Comeback For Mark Sanford?


Mark Sanford famously fell from grace after a very messy public affair ended in him exiting the political landscape. Prior to the affair, he had served as the South Carolina representative to Congress from 1994-2001. After that, he served as Governor of the state until he announced his affair with an Argentinian woman. Mark Sanford is betting on the forgiveness of the voters in South Carolina's first congressional district. 

Sanford is expected to take about a third of the vote in today's primary. While this won't solidify him as the candidate to replace Representative Tim Scott, it does give him the chance to face off against other challengers in a run off election on April 2. Sanford has spoken openly about his past mistakes and apologized for them in an effort to win over voters. He attempted to go on the offensive by addressing the affair in his first TV ad after announcing his candidacy.

We will be reporting the election results live, so stay tuned!