South Carolina Election Results: Colbert's Sister Likely To Win Democratic Primary


Prior to Tuesday's election, Elizabeth Colbert Busch was expected to do well, and tonight she is living up to those expectations. With just less than twenty percent of precincts reporting, she is winning handily against her challenger, with some 96% of the vote going to her. 

She leads her her opponent Ben Frasier by over 3400 votes. This much of a lead this early in the evening will make it extremely difficult for Frasier to close the gap, especially as this election is not expected to have brought many voters to the polls. 

Her Republican challenger will likely not be known until after an April 2 run off as none of the 16 Republican candidates are expected to win a majority of tonight's vote. 

Elizabeth Colbert Busch isn't the comedian her brother his, her political ads are often serious in tone. Whoever her Republican challenger is, they can expect a serious fight.