Meet The Men Who Could Oppose Mark Sanford In April Run Off


Politico has already declared that Mark Sanford will take on one Republican challenger in a run off election scheduled on April 2. There are two possible candidates who he may face, who exactly are they? 

Larry Grooms is a self-identified fiscal conservative. He currently serves South Carolina's 37th congressional district in the state senate. First elected in the 1997, this is his first national Congressional campaign. He has run on his campaign espousing the virtues of limited government and personal responsibility, he calls himself a "real" fiscal conservative dedicated to changing the ways of Washington. 

Curtis Bostic is the second favorite behind Mark Sanford. He is a former Charleston County Council-member. Bostic has campaigned against Washington spending, if elected, he says that his first job will be to end Washington's wasteful ways. He also hopes to bolster the voice of Republicans in the House of Representatives, “I would use my vote to influence more conservative spending habits and strengthen the ranks of like-minded people in the House.”

Mark Sanford's challenger has not yet been announced, though almost 100% of precincts are now reporting. Grooms and Bostic are in a very close race for second place with only a few hundred votes separating the two candidates.