Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Who’s Better For Millennials’ Job Prospects in 2012?


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According to Mitt Romney, if young people vote for him they'll get the one thing all of them want: a job.

Ahead of January's GOP primary races, Mitt Romney is seeking to attract millennials to his cause, saying that he will be better able to provide them with jobs than Barack Obama.

According to, more than 16 million young people who weren't eligible to vote in 2008 will be eligible to vote in 2012. Unemployment among millennials is twice the national average.

Romney talks about two specific issues millennials are passionate about: student debt and post-grad unemployment.

He promises that college grads, when they get out of college, will have a job.

What do you think? Which presidential candidate best appeals to millennials and their needs: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or someone else?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons