Obama 2013 NCAA Bracket: He Has Indiana Winning It All


President Obama has turned making NCAA picks into a presidential tradition. And this year, he is taking some chances. Look at those upsets! Kansas State out in the first round? Michigan and Florida in the Elite Eight? Kudos, Mr. President. 

In the end, he has Indiana winning over Louisville in a predictable final game. However, I do respect that President Obama didn't go with all 1-seeds. Check out his bracket below. 

But first, a glance at the president's past prediction powers: 

In 2012, he chose North Carolina to win it all; instead Kansas knocked them out in the Elite Eight while Kentucky went on to win the NCAA title. His worst pick was Missouri in the Final Four, instead they failed to beat Norfolk State and didn't even make it out of the first round.

In 2011, Obama picked an all 1-seed Final Four of Ohio State, Kansas, Pitt, and Duke. None of those teams made the Final Four as UConn beat Butler in the final as VCU and Kentucky filled out the Final Four. 

We have to go back to 2009 when the president picked the winner correctly, and that was North Carolina. 

Make sure to follow along on his bracket to see how his 2013 predictions hold out. 

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