Steubenville Rape Case: Victim Will Send Donations to Domestic Violence Shelter


Feeling entirely powerless and saddened after reading all the horrible news coming out of the Steubenville coverage? You’re not alone.

After seeing the rape survivor publicly confront her experience on social medialisten to two of her former best friends call her a frequent liar in court, and receive death threats on Twitter after her identity was disclosed by major TV networks, many have been asking how they can donate or send their support her way.

Despite the rape survivor’s horrifying ordeal and the potentially expensive recovery process she will need after such a traumatic experience, she asks that any donations be sent to Madden House in Wheeling, an emergency safe shelter for women who are rebuilding their lives.

This sounds like a great way to honor the Steunbenville rape survivor's wishes and help out an organization that helps other women rebuild theirs too. Hopefully the media and public will respect her privacy from here on out, as well as assist those in need. The road to recovery will be rough for the Steubenville victim, but here's to hoping she has what she needs to move forward. 

You can donate here, and you can leave a message for her here